Tube Adapter with 7/8

Tube Adapter with 7/8"-14 Thread

Tube Adapter with 1-1/4

Tube Adapter with 1-1/4"-12 Thread.

Tube adapter with 7/8"-18 thread. Hex style adapter.

Hex style adapter for a 7/8"-18 RH & LH thread that fits two sizes of tubing Fits tube size 1.25" x .120W (1" ID) Fits tube size 1.5" x .250W (1" ID)
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Tube adapters are used make a threaded end on tubing for heim joint or other type of rod end to thread into. Summit Machine tube adapters are CNC machined from 1018 steel maintaining ANSI standards. Made to fit many styles of common tubing. Many styles are available in hex to ensure jam nuts can be more easily tightened.
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