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Just like many businesses, and people alike, Summit Machine has been on a roller coaster ride over the past few years. We are ready to say goodbye to that, and move on to the next step. Your support matters greatly in this, and we would be forever thankful to those that support us in qualifying for a $250,000 grant from chase and LivingSocial.

Help us receive 250 votes on the Mission: Small Business℠ page to get closer to qualifying for a $250,000 Grant.

Just go to and log in. After clicking “Support” on the home page, look for our business and vote for us!

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Twin I-Beam Kingpin Knuckle part 3

With the prototype mounted and and checked over a few revisions have been made and it is now time for the production versions to be made for the class-8 build. Machined from 34lbs. of 4130 chromoly steel these knuckles should last for many race miles to come.

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Twin I-Beam Kingpin Knuckle part 2










The prototype kingpin I-beam knuckle is complete.












Kingpin knuckle with spindle and kingpin bushings pressed in.



































Kingpin Knuckle mounted on the I-beam.



















Summit Machine 2.500″ spindle 5 on 5.500″ race hubs with 40 spline drive plates.










We’re ready to mock-up the radius arms and steering.

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Extra Large Flex Joints back in stock – New bolt size available!

Summit Machine’s Extra Large Flex Joint is now back in stock! This joint has a wide 3″ mounting width and can be rebuilt like all Summit flex joints. Outer housing is from 3″ x .250 DOM making it extra heavy duty.

Now available in two bolt sizes: 5/8″ or 3/4″.

Joints are $54.99 each. Tool is $13.99 each.

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Twin I-Beam Kingpin Knuckle part 1

Over the week end I was able to get back to the Twin I-Beam project. I machined the top and bottom of our prototype kingpin knuckle. I had already machined out the mid section a couple weeks back. Here are some pics of the progress.

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Nitro Circus pays a visit to Summit Machine.

Yes, that’s right! NITRO CIRCUS made a visit to Summit Machine. Something about Jim having his eye worked on triggers them to need us….strange coincidence. (It was right after Jim injured his eye last year they came by.) Anyway, last time we did some work for them it was to make some chromoly passenger foot pegs on Travis’s motorcycle and some sturdier “axles” for their “big wheels”. This time it was making some camera parts for their production crew. Pretty cool nonetheless, and thanks so much to Mike for working his tail off this weekend to get the parts done.

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Ecotec Intake Adapter

Summit Machine’s prototype GM Ecotec intake adapters. Designed to smooth out the airflow when a 3 inch intake tube is used with the GM ecotec “drive by wire” throttle body. They are currently being tested on the class4 and class1000 buggies of Blakley Bros. Racing, Hold Fast Racing, and SPS Racing.

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Summit Machine’s 9ii “Round 4″

Here are some pictures of Summit Machine’s 9ii assembly. The threaded holes on the sides of the housing are for the mounting brackets. All threaded holes have been fitted with stainless steel thread locking threaded inserts. In the last picture the oil system ports are visible. These ports spray oil directly on to the ring gear.

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3/4 inch Heim Joints with 14mm Reduction Spacers

We now have in stock 3/4 inch Heim Joints with 14mm Reduction Spacers. Designed to replace the 3/4 inch heim joint with a 14mm though hole commonly used in Rock Krawler and Pure Performance lift kits. Spacers can be used with a more readily available 3/4 inch heim with 3/4 inch though hole. Making it easier to find replacement heim joints when you need them.


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Summit Machine’s 9ii “Round 3″

First picture is a side plate anodized and ready for bearings and seals. The second picture is the gear cover also anodized in everyone’s favorite color Purple. It’s one of the colors in our logo so I saw it fitting. Looking back on it I’m not sure that was the best idea. The third and fourth pictures are more of the stub shafts. This time with most of the black scale from heat treatment removed.

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